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I have no idea what I'm doing
I think we should all have weirdly specific advice books for these situations.

Swordfish Sundae 10

Swordfish Sundae 10 published on No Comments on Swordfish Sundae 10

Mapo Tofu is a very healing dish. If you ever find me on the verge of death, just feed me some and all of my health points will restore. Also I think I’m getting sick. Stay well, everyone

–Silvercruiser, silenced and shivering

I really like the shadowing on this one!

Swordfish Sundae 8

Swordfish Sundae 8 published on No Comments on Swordfish Sundae 8

Wow, I’m beat. I had this scary dream where I nearly forgot to update a webcomic and had to rush to update it shortly the schedule dictates it does. good thing this is real life!

-silvercruiser, bruised and beaten

...How long did that take to make

Swordfish Sundae 1

Swordfish Sundae 1 published on No Comments on Swordfish Sundae 1

Ta-daaah, now you know this comic’s chapter naming conventions! Also, I told you monochrome would look cool! Why didn’t you believe me on that?

From here on out, I’m allowing comments. Any spambots reading, please be gentle.