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Cast of Characters

Regino Kato character image

Regino Kato


Lord Cumulonimbus IX, Hillsides newest and youngest monarch. A headstrong and well-spoken young cat. Despite being completely ill-prepared to rule a country, Kato is determined to be the best ruler it could possibly be; even if they have no idea how.

Chancellor Cocoa character image

Chancellor Cocoa


A cloudmouse with administrative rule, Kato's official roayal advisor. A high-strung nervous wreck, but overall well-meaning. More than anything, they want to help Kato as much as possible, so long as it results in few injuries.

The Cloudmice character image

The Cloudmice


Hillside's Royal Familiars. Like the rest of the Reguis Monarchy, follow Kato around and assist with whatever Kato's doing, seemingly at random. Since they're purely supernatural energy, they quickly disappear as soon as their task is finished. Cocoa knows all of their individual names.