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Intro 9

Intro 9 published on No Comments on Intro 9

That’s the end of the intro! And the end of the color pages, for now. Next week, it’ll all be in a monochrome style. I promise it looks very cool. After this page, I’ll finally update that gosh darned about page on the premise. All of the introductory pages to chapters will be in color,… Continue reading Intro 9

...How long did that take to make

Swordfish Sundae 1

Swordfish Sundae 1 published on No Comments on Swordfish Sundae 1

Ta-daaah, now you know this comic’s chapter naming conventions! Also, I told you monochrome would look cool! Why didn’t you believe me on that? From here on out, I’m allowing comments. Any spambots reading, please be gentle. –Silvercruiser